Terms of Service

Great Blue Heron RV Rentals & Sales Inc.

Terms & Conditions of Service

By making a reservation or renting a trailer from Great Blue Heron RV Rentals & Sales Inc. the Customer(s) thereby agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of service outlined here.  The Customer(s) agree to pay for any excess cleaning or damages caused to trailers in their care, beyond normal wear and tear as determined by Great Blue Heron RV Rentals and Sales Inc.

Reservations & Security Deposit

  • All rental charges are based on our daily and weekly rates. Reservations made before June 1, 2020: 50% deposit is required at time of booking. No reservation is confirmed until the booking deposit is received in full. Full payment of the remaining balance is due on or before the date of pickup. 50% refund will given if cancelled 45 days prior to pickup date. No other refund will apply.
  • Reservations made after June 1, 2020 for July and August: Must be paid in full at time of booking. No reservation is confirmed until paid in full. No refund will apply for cancellations.
  • Reservation changes are subject to availability and a $15 Administration Fee will apply.

Forms of Payment

  • Payments can be made by cash, cheque, or e-Transfer to Great Blue Heron RV Rentals & Sales Inc.

Cancellation Policy

  • 50% refund will apply for bookings cancelled 45 days prior to pick up date.
  • No other refunds will be given.

Tow Vehicle

  • Your tow vehicle must have an adequate tow rating. Please check with us at time of booking. A Class 3 – 2”x2” hitch receiver is required on your tow vehicle. We will provide a hitch platform complete with “2-5/16” ball and/or load leveling hitch with stabilizer bars to fit a 2”x2” receiver.
  • All our travel trailers require 7-pole RV style wiring receptacle on your tow vehicle.  An electric brake controller is also required on your tow vehicle. Please make sure these are all in working order before pick up.

Familiarization Tour

  • Allow at least 1 hour for familiarization tour, hookup and paperwork at time of pick up.

Pick-up and Return Time

  • Pick up and return times are arranged by appointment only. To make an appointment call or text to Pat at 306-292-7748.
  • Trailers must be returned no later than 10:00 a.m. on the ‘Return By’ date shown on the invoice. A late return fee of $25/hour may apply after a 2 hour grace period.
  • Important: The best day to travel back home is ‘Rental Period End’ date shown on the invoice. We recommend to avoid traveling back on ‘Return By’ date. That morning is time to empty, clean and return the trailer by 10:00 a.m. Otherwise it may be necessary to change or add 1 extra day to your reservation (subject to availability).

Cleaning Fees

  • Trailer interiormust be returned in clean condition or a $75 minimum fee will be charged. Holding tanks for grey & black water must be emptied or flushed or  a $50 septic service fee will apply.
  • Washing of trailer exterior is not required.

Trailer Hitch

  • The Customer(s) is responsible for safe and correct hitching of the travel trailer to the tow vehicle. Great Blue Heron RV Rentals & Sales Inc. assumes no responsibility and will incur no liability for any loss or damages resulting from Customer(s) incorrect hitching of the trailer.

Traffic Violations

  • The customer agrees to pay all costs associated with tickets issued to the trailer plates for any red light camera or moving traffic violations.

Gravel Roads

  • Driving on gravel roads is permitted but the Customer(s) is responsible for any excess dust or dirt to the trailer’s interior. Cleaning fees $45/hour will apply for any excess cleaning necessary due to driving on gravel roads.

Propane Tanks

  • For your safety Propane Tanks must always be fully shut off at the main valve while the trailer is moving.
  • Propane Tanks must be topped up before the trailer rental is returned or a $35 fee will be charged.

Smoking Policy

  • No smoking is allowed inside the trailer. If smoking odour is detected $125 cleaning/fumigating charge will apply.


  • We love pets and to allow them in our trailers but customers are responsible for any damages or clean up costs caused by pets.


  • In the case of any accident on the road or vandalism, or theft or any damage to the travel trailer, a police report must be filed and the renter is responsible for any insurance deductibles or uninsured costs.


  • Each trailer carries insurance coverage for the trailer unit only. Coverage is through SGI with $500 deductible. The insurance does not cover the tow vehicle, any personal liability or personal belongings. In case an insurance claim is necessary the $500 deductible fee is responsibility of the Customer(s). We recommend Customer(s) buy extra liability insurance if further coverage is desired.

Maintenance and Breakdown Responsibility

  • We work hard to keep our trailer fleet in top mechanical condition. In the unlikely event that a mechanical failure occurs, Customer(s) are authorized to proceed with the necessary repairs up to $200.00.
  • Great Blue Heron RV Rentals & Sales Inc. will reimburse the Customer(s) up $200 maximum without notification. The Customer(s) will be reimbursed within 30 days after return of the unit. Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement.
  • Any repairs or maintenance must be done by a qualified technician or reputable dealership. If the cost of the repair or maintenance work is over $200.00 the Customer(s) must phone Great Blue Heron RV Rentals & Sales Inc. for authorization before proceeding with repairs.
  • Replacement parts and receipts must be returned to Great Blue Heron RV Rentals & Sales Inc. for reimbursement.
  • Customer(s) assumes full financial responsibility for any damage to tires.
  • In case of any mechanical breakdown during travel Great Blue Heron RV Rentals & Sales Inc. is limited in it’s responsibility to refund only up to the daily gross rental rate or portion thereof if the breakdown repair takes longer than 24 hours.

Awning Usage

  • Each unit is supplied with a roll-out awning for your enjoyment. To avoid damage to the awning it must be rolled up before leaving the campsite for any amount of time and also at night. Damage to the awning is covered by insurance but you will be responsible for the $500 deductible. Please use the awning with due caution. Awning must never be extended near or over camp fires or where sparks from camp fires may cause damage.

Electrical Power

  • All travel trailers are equipped with a charged battery but we strongly recommend a campsite with electrical service for the best experience.

Convenience Kits

  • Convenience Kits are available for your use and convenience for a small maintenance and handling fee.  Additional replacement charges will apply if convenience kits are returned damaged or incomplete.

Sewer and Water Tanks

  • Toilets are not to be used while the vehicle is traveling.  Each trailer is supplied with two or more rolls of RV suitable toilet tissue.  Please do not use regular toilet tissue as it will clog the pipes and can cause an unpleasant odour.
    Black and grey water tanks must be emptied and flushed before returning the trailer or $50 fee will be charged.

General Conditions

  • Great Blue Heron RV Rentals & Sales Inc. operates on the principle of mutual respect and good will. We do our best to be fair and to serve all customers well to the best of our ability.
  • We reply on mutual respect and goodwill from Customers to operate efficiently.
  • Great Blue Heron RV Rentals & Sales Inc. reserves the right to refuse rentals to any persons for any reason, in particular, those from past experience who were not good for excess cleaning or damages and left us with unpaid balances. We keep a ‘naughty’ list and reserve the right to refuse our services.